Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sterizon Beta Launches Customer Satisfaction Survey Product - wiSurvey

Sterizon beta launches Customer Satisfaction Survey Product wiSurvey. wiSurvey enables businesses to collect Customer Feedback, Review and/or Survey responses securely, efficiently and effectively using Sterizon's flagship product wiZit - a portable, easy to use Wi-Fi device. Customer's responses are collected while they are at the business location (say a Restaurant) waiting for service using Sterizon wiZit device. Customer's no longer need to worry about the mis-handling of their feedback, as their data is immediately and securely transmitted to remote data centers and no one except the business owner has access to that information.

Businesses can finally say good bye to verbal, phone, web and paper based feedback forms and grab the attention of the Customer while he/she is at your business location and their thoughts are fresh about your service! Business owner can use Steirzon's wiPortal to view and analyze survey results, and take necessary action to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

wiSurvey is an environmentally friendly solution. Start your "Green Survey" today!

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