Sunday, August 2, 2009

Go Green with Paperless Coupons at Restaurants

Wouldn't it be nice to offer truly paperless, print-free, hassle-free coupons to your customers? Customers would love the coupons that require NO clipping, printing, or stuffing wallet with coupons! Well, now you can!

Sterizon LLC, a startup based in Metro Atlanta, GA is revolutionizing the way coupons are offered to customers. Using the Sterizon's Integrated Email Marketing platform, a business will send out coupons to its eClub or Loyalty Club members using Email. Customers are required to click on the "eClip Coupon" link with in email to electronically clip the coupon and put it in their virtual wallet. The coupons sent are only valid for the customer who received that email directly from the business. Coupon once electronically clipped, can no longer be clipped again.

During their next visit to the restaurant, Customer mentions their email or phone number during checkout to the waiter/waitress to redeem his/her eClipped coupon. The waiter/waitress will use the portable, wireless, Wi-Fi device Sterizon wiZit to lookup, validate and redeem any one of the unexpired clipped coupons for the customer and credit the coupon value to the customers check through the POS system. Once redeemed, the coupon is no longer valid and will disappear from the customer's virtual wallet.

Business owners can track the coupon campaign success rates, and coupon redemption down to the customer level using Sterizon Online Web Portal. Businesses can stop any coupon scams by sending these "Once and only once" use eCoupons (particularly the deep discounted coupons like Birthday or Anniversary coupons). This zero footprint solution requires NO POS integration or other costly equipment.

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