Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Email Marketing Challenges for Brick and Mortar Businesses like Restaurants

For online only businesses, it's fairly straight forward. Have an email signup form on your website. Since, all the customer traffic is online, you get their attention to signup for your Email List while they are on your website. The customer contact information is directly added to your account at your favorite Email Marketing provider. Simple and Efficient.

What about consumer facing brick and mortar businesses like Restaurants, Retail outlets? Yes, they too need to have a website with the signup forms etc. But, majority of their customer traffic is at the place of business and not online! Aren't you missing the target?

Having signup kiosks would work for businesses with very fast moving customer traffic (like fastfood chains etc), but the barrier of entry is high for small and medium sized businesses.

Some restaurants use Paper signup and survey cards to collect contact information Customer Satisfaction Survey while the customer is at the Restaurant. Much better, as you are targeting directly at customers at your place of business. But, this approach has its fair share of hassles. Paper forms need to be printed, distributed, collected, organized and manually entered into your favorite Email Marketing provider. Complex, Costly, Inefficient process that often requires dealing with external vendors for data entry. Privacy of customer information is a major concern (which is why the response rates are poor on paper), as it goes through multiple hands before it ever makes it into the Email Marketing system. If you are collecting customer feedback on paper, how often do you see honest feedback on it? Even if you do, a lot of the negative feedback forms end up in trash before they ever get into the hands of the business owner or the management.

Why can't we have a technology solution that works just like the Website, but at your place of business where customer is waiting for service (like during checkout process etc)? Something that not only cost-effective, efficient and simplifies the process, but also eliminates all the manual labor involved in building the customer lists or collecting feedback? Something that would add the collected contact information directly into your Email Marketing provider account for immediate use? Something that handles customer data securely and keeps it confidential?

Sterizon has the answer for these questions: Sterizon wiZitSterizon wiZit Survey Device - a small portable, wireless, handheld Wi-Fi device designed to address the needs of today's Restaurant and Service Industries. It facilitates effortless and efficient way to build customer Email lists (~ eClubs), capturing of Customer Surveys, Polls and Feedback etc. Best of all, do all this right from the place where customer is at your place of business.

Watch demo videos and see additional information about Electronic Survey and Feedback Collection for your store-front business here.

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