Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Collect Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys Electronically!

If you eat outside at Restaurants, I am sure you have run into "Comment Cards" that collect customer feedback about their dining experience. If you look closer, the comment cards are actually used as a way of collecting emails to build the email lists for Restaurant Email Marketing. Ever wondered who reads those comments?

Guest Comment CardMost often than not, these comments never reach the intended person who can take action about it. The primary reason is these comments are written on a piece of paper, and has to go through multiple hands (and multiple levels of filtering) before it ever reaches the business owner. Even if they do, they represent only a snapshot of what a particular customer is saying about your restaurant on that day.

Customer Satisfactoin Survey CardUnderstanding guest satisfaction requires going far beyond occasionally glancing over few comment cards. It requires careful analysis of historical comments, ratings, input from customer to understand the trends and to catch negative trends before they become major problems. To do that, you would need to input customer feedback into computer system so that it can be used for analysis. This is very rarely done in the restaurant industry.

Collecting customer satisfaction surveys electronically (using portable, handheld device such as Sterizon wiZit) right at the dining table eliminates almost all of the above drawbacks, and gives you (the business owner) a historical overview of what guests are saying and reveals any trends early on before they start impacting your bottom line revenues.

Making sure customer leaves happy by immediately reviewing their feedback does save that customer experience, but knowing 3 out of 10 customers are leaving negative feedback is hinting a fundamental problem, which if caught early, will save your business.