Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Restaurant Email Marketing Device for Email List Collection and Building

Customer Email List Database is required ingredient for Email Marketing. There is a lot of free material on the web that gives you the tips and tricks for how you go about building one for your business.

For conventional brick and mortar businesses such as Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Auto Service, Spa's etc, in-store email address collection is a must as all their customers are at the place of their business rather than online.

Paper Email Optin SheetPaper sign up sheets or comment cards is the predominant way for collecting in-store customer email opt-in's. You would however need to manually enter them into your Email Marketing provider account(or have a third party do it for you!) before it can be used in your Email Marketing Campaigns (Learn more about the pains associated with in-store paper collection of customer opt-in's in this blog entry)

Or, you can use in-store electronic customer email collection using a portable, wireless, handheld device Sterizon wiZit. Customer keys in their information directly into the device, which gets sent to your Email Marketing Provider account (such as Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor, AWeber etc) instantly over the internet. Customer information is validated for errors and required fields etc, and is readily available for use in Email Marketing campaigns. Simple, hassle free, convenient, secure, efficient, effective and effortless. No more paper signup sheets or mail-in email opt-in cards or EClub enrollment cards or Birthday Club registration forms or comment cards. No more manual data entry.

Restaurant Marketing using Sterizon wiZit Device with Email, Survey, Twitter

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