Friday, December 4, 2009

In-store Email Collection and List Building Simplified!

For store-front businesses such as Restaurants, Spas, Salons, Auto Service, Dealerships, Motels, Hotels etc, collecting customer email opt-ins is a complex and resource intensive process.

Without customer email addresses in your email list, you cannot be successful at Email Marketing. Having bigger customer databases with high quality of the email addresses gives you a solid foundation for your email marketing campaigns.

Store-front businesses collect email addresses in-store in a number of similar ways, such as:Paper Mailing List Signup Display
- Paper signup sheets
- Walk around with clipboard and paper
- Have mail-in comment cards requesting emails
- In-store email opt-in form
- A fishbowl to collect business cards etc.

Yes, grabbing customer information at your business location is important for 4-wall businesses. Your customers are at your store. So, having a website with a email signup webpage is not enough.

Paper collection of emails not only have lower response rates, but also severely suffers from quality of the data collected (customer scribblings on the paper are hard to decipher or interpret to figure out what they wrote). Ok, so you collected them. Now, how will you get this information into your email marketing provider account? Either you enter it into computer yourself, or rely on a third-party to handle your email signups! (More on this in this blog entry)

Wondering why you have to go through all these hoops just to get your customer data into your email list? You are not alone, and Sterizon has the answer for you in Sterizon wiZit: portable, wireless, handheld device made exclusively for collecting customer input, feedback etc right from the place of your business for the purpose of email marketing, survey collection, twitter marketing etc.

Offer this device to your customers while they are waiting for service at your store, and let them directly enter their information into the handheld. The collected data is immediately sent over the internet to your Email Service Provider account for use in Email Marketing.

- No more paper signup sheets or comment cards
- No more collection, organizing, mailing of signup forms for data entry (or mailing)
- No more deciphering of hand written email addresses and scribblings.
- No more manual data entry
- Upfront validation of customer input to catch typos or invalid fields.
- No need to upload or download any data to use in Email Marketing.
- Integrates directly with your Email Provider account (such as Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp etc)
- Respects customers data privacy.
- Simple, Secure, Hassle-free, Efficient and Effective process.

So, no matter what you call your email list:
- Email Club
- EClub
- VIP Club
- Birthday Club
- Email Newsletter
- Coupon Club
- Discounts Club

and no matter what your business and marketing purpose is:
- Restaurant Email Marketing
- Spa Email Marketing
- Salon Email Marketing
- Auto Email Marketing
- Retail Email Marketing
- Hotel Email Marketing
- Bar, Pub & Club Email Marketing
- Restaurant Customer Feedback
- Guest Satisfaction Surveys

Sterizon wiZit got your customer data collection covered for your Email, Mobile and Social Media Marketing or Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Polls, Feedback etc.