Saturday, December 5, 2009

Permission Based Optin Email Marketing using Electronic Handhelds

Store front businesses such as Restaurants, Spa, Salon, Retail, Auto Service, Flower Shops, Malls etc, have been looking for a technology solution which will put them on par with Online businesses when it comes to building permission based customer email opt-in lists.

Online only businesses can setup a simple web page for their customers to opt-in to their email club. It's ain't that simple for conventional store-front businesses. Yes, they still need to have web presence, but all (or majority) of their customers are at the place of their physical business location. So, having a good in-store push for collecting email addresses is the most effective way to quickly build a large email list database.

Sterizon wiZit Handheld Device

What if we can bring the same opt-in web page right to the customer door-step in the most portable way? Well, now you can with Sterizon wiZit handheld device. No, it doesn't require costly equipment or a wireless data plan. All you need at your store/shop is simple WiFi wireless hotspot. The Sterizon wiZit devices are leased to you on annual subscription basis, and you can do lot more than just email opt-ins (such as guest surveys, twitter followers etc). Best of all, if you are already using an email service provider for your email marketing, you can keep them and still use these handhelds as they integrate directly with popular Email Marketing Providers (self-service or full-service).

You already got lot of things to worry about in running your business, customer email collection doesn't need to be one of them!