Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comment Cards - Now a thing of the past!

Is your business still stuck with the comment cards or suggestion drop box? Is it serving the purpose it was intended for? As a business owner, did you ever look at them? Were you able to gauge the guest satisfaction level with occasional glancing of these guest comment cards? If you are a multi-unit chain or franchise owner, there is a very slim chance that you ever get a chance to see what exactly your customers are writing (if any) in those comment cards! So why are you still relying on such an unreliable system?

It is time to clear up the counter space by throwing the comment cards away and remove that ugly wall hanging suggestion boxes by going fully electronic and paperless in collection of customer satisfaction surveys, guest feedback, customer polls etc in-store and in-person with Sterizon wiZit wireless hand held device.

Let customers key in their feedback directly in the wireless gadget while they are at at your business location or store-front. The collected feedback is kept confidential and is available only for the authorized users to view, analyze and take necessary action. You no longer need to worry about comment filtration by staff or local management. Customer privacy is also protected as the comments are kept strictly confidential and even anonymous.

Using Sterizon solution, get a crystal clear picture of what your customers are thinking about your business, its services and their likes and dislikes. Business owners and management can go online at anytime to view the results of the customer surveys of any or all of their business locations. Understand your customers voice and make the necessary adjustments based on historical responses to improve customer service, increase guest satisfaction and retention thus improving the bottom line profits for the business.

Are you ready to open your ears and doors to your customers?