Friday, January 22, 2010

Electronically growing your email list in Constant Contact for your store-front business.

Store front businesses doing email marketing rely heavily on their customer foot traffic at their store to grow their email list organically with in-person email opt-in's. The customer information collection for the Email Club or Newsletter or Birthday Club is usually done using a paper enrollment cards or by asking the customer verbally and jotting it down on a sign up sheet. Once the information is collected, some one will sit down and key it into the Constant Contact email marketing account. It is a lengthy and labor intensive and error prone process, nevertheless it was the only available way until now.

Sterizon has a solution in Sterizon wiZit that virtually eliminates all the hassles of capturing customer information in-store and at the point of experience. Mount the Sterizon wiZit hand held at the checkout or at a kiosk or take it right to where customer is and let the customer punch in their opt-in information directly into the device. The opt-in customer data is immediately saved directly into your Constant Contact account. Yea! Trust Me! It's that simple! See the video yourself:

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