Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Restaurant Email List Building Tips for Restaurant Marketing

Having a quality customer email list is critical for the success of Restaurant Email Marketing. The larger the opt-in mailing list and higher the quality of the customer subscription information, then the open rates and click through rates will be significantly higher if you send email newsletter of value to customers.

There is no point having a very large email list, but is full of invalid or incorrect or stale or unsubscribed or bouncing email addresses. You end up paying lot more for your email marketing (if its dependent on the size of the contact list), and lot less in returns. It also affects the credibility of your sender email addresses.

So, how would you as a Restaurant go about building a good quality Email Club opt-in's? A website with a well placed E-Club sign up form is a must if you have a website for your restaurant. What if you don't have a website? You can always get some free ones that require little or no technical knowledge to setup. If you are a small or independent restaurant owner or have a website with very low visitor traffic, you'll have much better luck with in-store email address collection at your restaurant location rather than a website.

Customer email opt-in at the point of experience is the most effective way to grow your email subscriber list quickly and effectively. Restaurant Comment Cards, Restaurant E-Club Enrollment Cards, Restaurant Email Sign Up Sheets, Restaurant Newsletter Mail-in Registration Cards etc are a very common way to solicit for customer email opt-in while the customer is at your restaurant. You would however have to collect, organize and manually feed them into the Email Marketing provider account before you can use it in email marketing. It's painful, but if you put in the effort and do it right, you are off on your way to building a customer list. The quality of the list may however suffer as you have to make sense of customer hand writing, which is always a challenge whether you do it or outsource it to a full service restaurant email marketing provider.

If you are looking for a simple turn key solution for in-store email collection as well as email marketing, then you may want to look at Sterizon wiZit handheld device. Using the Sterizon wireless handheld, you can electronically collect customer opt-in information at your Restaurant, and have it saved directly into your mailing list in your Email Marketing provider account (such as Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber etc).

Offer the device to your customers while they are at your Restaurant (before checkout or at the end of their dining experience or at the cash register or at a kiosk or in the waiting area or before the food is served). Let the customer key-in their opt-in information directly in the hand held. Yes! It's that simple. No more export, download, import, upload, manual data entry, dealing with paper opt-in cards etc.

You'll off building your customer email list in a snap for:
  • Restaurant E-Club
  • Restaurant Birthday Club
  • Restaurant Newsletter List
  • Restaurant Email Club
  • Restaurant Rewards Club
  • Restaurant Anniversary Club
  • or what have you...

and use it in your Email Marketing for successful targeted marketing to increase customer loyalty, grow brand visibility, and increase restaurant profits.