Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trade Show Attendee Data Collection using Sterizon Handhelds

So, you are representing your business at a trade show (or Convention or Event or Conference or Summit) and are looking for way to collect leads (prospects) at your booth or kiosk that is both effective and at the same time fits into your budget and most importantly you need something for the short term (like few days to cover the trade show).

Well, you are in luck, as Sterizon offers short-term leases (rental) on its handheld devices (both 7 inch touchscreens and 3.5" flip-open handhelds) for on-site data collection that is both mobile and portable.

Sterizon also offers aggregation services that gathers all the customer or prospect or attendee or lead data/information and automatically uploads/synchronizes them with your Sterizon online account (over Wi-Fi/Internet) for further analysis or followup.

Sterizon also offers the ability to have this data sent directly (in near real-time) to your Email Marketing account or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Lead Management applications.

For more information on short-term lease or rental of Sterizon wiZit data collection devices, please contact Sterizon.